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  • About us

    Innovation, research, develop, Design. 

    - 2010: Invented rolled rubber / prefabricated track with horizontal press manufacturing. (Compression molding) (traditional type: Rotary cure, sheeting through cylinder)

    - 2012: Product get certified by IAAF (formerly WA: World Athletics)

    - 2015: Installed at Universiade Stadium, where certified a s Class-1 Facility from IAAF.

    - 2021: Invented Plubber Mat, PP(Polypropylene) Film Layered Indoor Rubber Flooring. 

    - 2022: Distribution Agreement in effect with Sports Surfacing Enterprises(SSE) in 10 states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, Louisiana ad Oklahoma.

    - 2023. currently: More than 650 sites of installation experience in Korea. Area: 0.68 million sqm. (7.3 Million sqft.)


    Sport Facility Design


    Rubber compound Development

    Flooring Installation

    Where we work and products are originated

    ADDRESS On left map

    Phone +82-70-4636-5000

    EMAIL admin@plubber.co.kr

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